My name is Lorie Johnson .
at the age of two I could see spirits ,at least my time of remembering them , it took me until I was 30 to realize who it was , he was my father’s father 100% Cherokee Indian , a healer, he could see, premonition, heal , Death , but because my family was so superstitious I was not allowed to notice I was more special then others , I’ve felt I was always different in my life growing up , never felt like I was meant to be there with them ,but knew some reason I was . all my life I’ve helped others and not understanding how gifted I was , I never understood me having to live such hell ,
my heart understood and wanted to help always , no matter what cost It had put upon me,
I’m full time , psychic, medium, evidential, shaman healer ,animal communicator ,
I can see past lives , future , premonition’s if something horrible was going to happen . I speak to the souls who have passed and I have many here in my home, I was curious one day and asked why they come to my home ,They spoke softly and said my home is safe and they feel protected. I’ve had given past regression of past lives, where I speak of cleansing of past lives where we at times bring forward to our future selves , figuring out what and why you are not happy or why we attract those who hurt us . I can see all spirits including guardian angels , guides , I see spirits who come to me three days before someone comes to me for a reading .
you see I’m more a healer then anything and I only seek one thing , truth , truth is the bearing of all to me, and I seek only truth, some hold onto past hurts hide it away in a box within the mind because of issues of not healing it forgiving it and letting it go , I seek that within others and allow it to come forward to allow them to finally see it and know we cannot change our past but we can forgive our now’s to allow our paths to heal and move forward . I do my work because I love what I do , it heals me as well as I healing others .
On my Father’s side ,his Mother , German , His Father , 100 % Cherokee Indian ,
Mothers side , English ( Mother’s Mother is second cousin to Queen Elizabeth ) ,
Mother’s Father’s side ,Dutch , Irish , 25 % Italian
I have my own radio show with blogtalkradio , Whispers from Heaven ,
which at the time I started it , my cousin came to visit me , on that recording of Nov,15 2013 she was killed on train tracks where I lived at that time , I hadn’t seen her in over 20 years , when she came the spirits kept telling me it was her last chance, realizing she was going to die , I seen that , but what got to me was ,why on my time ? our fathers told us that the spirit world was not of the Lord , but the day she died ,that Morning she sat at my table, torn apart from the hell she went through was hitting me in my site of understanding what she was going through with the memories of her past , basically asking for forgiveness ,she looks at me and says sissy, you know I truthfully didn’t believe in what you do but I see your pure light and you love helping others , I’m proud of you, and I love you ,
I then understood why she died on my watch , for she was seeking salvation , peace , love and compassion from someone she knew deep down loved her and then went out,
I had seen her spirit coming ,it went through me screaming then I heard the train,( in my site) hit her , then she takes me to what happened and who ,
the sheriff came and I told him what I had seen and who and his eyes bugged out of his head , stating the guy I told him, was a friend he knew , that was with her, but they were drinking ,and she started to run and she was hit , that the guy who was with her ran after she was hit , the conductor told what he had seen the guy push her , but the sheriff argued the story and tried to hide it and recanted his story ,
the story that was told by the sheriff and others after recanting three different stories were not true, but because he was friends with this guy I couldn’t argue it .
when I started the show , I wanted to give back , so I offered mentoring ,guidance and one free question readings , if I felt it needed longer then 5 minutes that I had offered , I gave it without a second thought ,
the guidance I give is to first love your self , and self worth , in my heart mind and soul , to understand the difference of such truth from another is to firstly love your self and know self worth , this will help you understand no matter how or what another does against you , you will understand that it is not you they have issues with ,but themselves , which you once you love and have, worth of own self ,you will be able to help that person who only knows misery ,hurt ,lies .
My technique on bringing forth a soul for a reading or healing , I follow the energy of that person past ,
I cant explain how easy it is or how hard it is , it just comes to me , if they do not come to me in the light of God I ask them to back off a bit , bringing forth my white lighter Lance , you see Lance was a good friend who I was understanding was dying ,who died few years ago ,
we became good friends ,me healing him, teaching him he belonged ,mattered ,showing him his heritage of Indian guides telling him of the rituals of forgiving him,
I was told he was found dead underwater in his tub . but truth be told that is not what I had seen , with my gifts ,I see truths as well and I had seen he was found by his own son laying on the couch ,which Lance laid there for two weeks dead .I asked Lance what happened, he told me, I couldn’t take it any longer and I had no food . the abandonment from his kids and wife just through him into a depression giving up. No money to be able to call me or others he felt alone . so now he choose to go to the light and become a white lighter which is a soul who chooses to stay earth bound to help other souls cross over . there are many transitions all souls when die ,that have unfinished business here while alive go through , our time is not there time , as in hours , but yet the memory of them living keeps them thinking it is hours , days , until they learn to let go ,forgive , and learn to know God Is a forgiving God ,that we are our worst Judges to keep such thick negative energy in our thoughts, some have become so negative once passed and are residual of negative ,they become havoc in others lives, because those who have issues as well , it only feeds off their insecurities and hurts and it allows the negative residual to grow stronger.
I’m not in this for the money, I only started charging few years ago .
this probably sounds weird but, I have 7 higher power guardians, who comes to me , which I’ve learned were the archangels , who show me guide’s me , protects heals me . as well as my past forefather’s and great Grandmothers, who I see every day to protect me .
I have worked all around the world , from Pakistan , UK , US,
I only speak English , so they must understand .
even if they are foreign ,and there family that comes through different language , I can still explain to the client what they see.
all over the world . I’ve mentored , read, healed .
my hours are based on the time they choose which readings on my web site , then I create an appointment .
My contact is which has buttons to add me on Facebook, linkedin , AOL at
I do skype calls ,
phone calls ,
and in person.
I also work with the Paranormal Teams across the world ,
I am the type of person , If your coming to me , I want to know nothing , I seek the surroundings ,
people and then see the spirits , entities , anything that is harmful, truth is all that matters.
I hope this gives you what your seeking , if there is any more information needed ,
or I had not given what was needed , please call me any time , 703 986-7476 or write
My name is Lorie Johnson ,
Born In Maryland , raised in Texas ,
with 7 brothers and two sisters
I have, Three Grown Children and Three Grandchildren .
I also want to express , I have never had a mentor nor a teacher , I read up on a few books but seems I can just ask what I need and it comes to me for that moment to understand. I don’t know what the gifts I have truthfully , I’m only going off of what others tells , I just know we all are ONE and no one is better nor less then another , we are all Earth Angels and God Created such to heal , love , and understand hardships .
I love what I do and who comes to me , I never go to anyone unless a spirit yells at me and ask’s me to do so.
The spirits are souls , energy of our passed loved ones, who want the best for others .
My Insight on what I see and am told, are totally different then others and I appreciate that, I do not argue what others see or can do .
My work is to heal , help , love and give comfort to those who come’s to me . and best of all I’m Proud of what I do .

I am involved with liberation, deliverance, and healing with the Holy Spirit as my guide. I simply attempt to help those that have lost their way. I do this with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and without taking the place of God. I gently remind others to receive their guidance from God, and I stress how important it is to renew their relationship with him. I don’t judge those that have their own way to bring others closer to God, by whatever means they do,….whether they are a pastor, preacher, teacher, radio station host, Sunday school teacher, etc… However, utilizing my gifts for God’s purpose is “my” calling. I also won’t force my beliefs upon you.
I, myself, get annoyed with churches that think they are the only “right” religion. None has all the answers. In fact, the bible even states that there are things that we won’t know until we die because our minds simply can’t comprehend everything that’s out there.
I am not here to convince, convert or judge another’s belief systems for each of you have your own path.
I am only here to gently nudge and remind you that you are a divine child and that you deserve to be fully and unconditionally abundant in all areas of your life.
What you will find here is that I utilize God’s Gifts of the Holy Spirit as described by the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians, Chapters 12-14, for he states that, to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the “common good”. I did not ask for these gifts, I was just chosen for whatever reason.
This does not mean that I am special by any means. There are many people doing the work of God.
I am involved in teaching, developing, healing, helping and sharing. I attempt to bring those closer to God, that wish to have a better understanding of what he is all about. I provide lectures, help, and knowledge on a down to earth basis, without all the unnecessary condemnation, criticism, preaching or judgement.
In addition to this, I also help to counsel clients, clear homes of negative energies and remind people that we are to live our lives in ways that God wants us to.
It is my belief that God gives us these wonderful gifts in order to share with and bless others in a positive helpful way. I am always willing to help those and share with people. I am also there to help you discover and understand. It is my goal to help provide answers, joy, love, closure and healing by connecting with you or your loved ones . ‘”Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”
“For one who speaks in tongue, speaks to God while muttering in the Spirit, but the one who prophesies speaks to “people” for their up building, encouragement, and consolation.”
“The one who prophesies, will build the church because the secrets of his heart, are disclosed and so, man falling upon his face, he will worship God and declare that God is really among you.””
-Corinthians 12-14_ My mission is to be of service to humanity by helping others and to be an instrument of God and help those on the other side.
Telling of things that only loved ones could know is for filling that role of proving the existence of life after death. Thereby, proving that there is life after death and a spirit world.
This further proves that God exists as well.
It shows people that he has allowed certain individuals to be a blessing to others and share in his love.
With all the negativity in life, isn’t it nice to know that there is still some good left in the world as well – God is trying to counterbalance that by helping others via these types of gifts . now that I have explained a bit about me and my beliefs , I also need to speak of what took me many years to understand and live by . that God put us on Earth to be kind and to love . though we all have taxes and many bills to pay . so does the gifted out there trying help anyone who comes into their lives , this meaning we do have to live , pay bills and also have time for our families , but giving to others who come into our paths we feel utterly pure love for them . we do charge , not exceeding our worth nor giving away our time . so if you are wanting a reading , past regression life reading , mentoring , understanding your own gifts , healing with what can or could be what is keeping you to move forward and learning to love your self and allowing another to love you as well , it goes on with healing’s with me because I believe we all need to be healed shown our own worth and self love . if you would like one of these please visit my web site and know that it is worth your time and mine to truly have someone with such gifts seek what is out there that needs to be told and shown . we cannot heal if we do not see what is in our own faces at times . God Bless and Thank you for your trust in me . love and light Lorie Johnson