Lorie Johnson РLorelyeAngels 

With the love of those who have passed, I will connect between the love from your heart’s and the realm of the universe to connect with those who you wish too hear from, that some will bring others in while the reading will go on.

Hello, my name is Lorie Johnson, and I have the ability too see spirits, speak with them, and hear them. I can also pick up on their feelings and mannerism. These experiences bring me much joy, as I hope we connect with your loved ones. My goal is to bring happiness to your hearts with a happy ending to so many of the question’s that you may have.

This is a gift to me from our heavenly father with the guidance of guardians and guides of those who have passed. Each day my abilities become stronger to help those be at ease with so much information missing from their life.

I would like to say welcome, as I hope our journey through this experience with each other will be a blessing.

God bless love and light bless it be .
Love, Lorie



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