Below are actual testimonials from clients of Lorie.    

Lorie is an absolutely amazing person and her wonderful gift from God she has as a psychic/medium is something that cannot be described with words... She has done more than one reading for me and let me tell you her sensitivity and accuracy as well as her honesty are equal to none. The past two years have been very hard on me, and she came into my life like an Angel sent from God and gave me all that I needed and more, she gave me hope, peace, closure, and took all the pain and suffering away from me in one shot! The reading she did for me was not only 100% accurate but was also very deep, emotional, sincere, honest and she did it with such an ease and relaxed way that I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. Lorie gave me my life back, for that I will be forever grateful to her.  Thank you,  Anna Maria

 Lorie has give me several photo readings of past loved ones that were right on target and  she caught the personality and mannerisms even of my late sister. Other family members have come through during the readings as well. She has picked up on my Grandmother and my dad without even asking about or showing pictures of them to her!      Pamela Azzara 


Knowing and just talking to a psychic is fun. It can be quite unnerving also.  I am a Paranormal Investigator from Illinois, and I have been in some of the most famous haunted places in the United States. On September 15th., I was at the Pollak Hospital at the old Illinois State Hospital for the Insane, at Bartonville Illinois. I was there because I was part of a Cancer fund raising event ' Paranormal Kicks Cancer'  It was a long day. And after being on a couple different investigations of this building that night, I was physically wiped out. I went into one section of the building, that was the 'Mens' Ward, and laid down on one of the benches used earlier in the day by the people that attended the event. I called Lorie on my cell and was telling her about what had happened during the event, and the subsequent paranormal investigations that night.  Out of the blue Lorie asked “Who is the man there with you?" I propped myself up and looked around,and said “There is nobody here except me” “No” she said, “I see a man in there with you, wearing work clothes that look like 'Dickies' work clothes.” Again I looked around the empty, haunted room. She went on to say “He is pointing at you, and laughing at you” I asked Lorie “What did I do? Why is he laughing at me?” What Lorie said after this floored me.   “He is laughing at you because of what you did with the door. He thought it was very funny”    Now, a little earlier in the evening, I was walking down some stairs leading to the basement of the Pollak Hospital. When I was approaching the door, I saw that it was opening. I am a jokester, class clown type of person, and being exhausted put me in the mood to be both that night. I SMACKED the door with the palm of my hand, grabbed my head, and let out a howl of pain acting like the door hit me in the head. The person opening the door was Christopher Fleming our guest speaker, star, and guest of numerous haunted TV shows. He was quite apologetic, and worried about me. When I thought he had enough, I said “Ta-Da!! I'm fine Just kidding!” and walked by him, on into the basement. The group of people there had a good time with my stunt.  Was this indecent with the door the “funny” thing the spirit was talking to Lorie about?   I believe it was.   Was so very impressed by what Lorie saw, and heard! I can't wait until our next investigation so she can “Be there" with the CH.I.P.S. Team.     Jim Heater  Founder/Lead Investigator  Champaign Illinois Paranormal Society


Due to circumstances in my life I have been really depressed and felt as if I had no friends at all and even the ones I could consider friends just didn't seem to be there for me. I had a reading done by Lorie and a reading done by Pam and afterwards I felt a little better but still just couldn't seem to get my act together. These girls took the time to stay in touch with me and check on me and talk to me and continued to be there for me when I had basically all but given up. If I had one word to describe me it would have been the word BROKEN . I will be forever grateful to Lorie for reading for me, for giving me a reason to look forward to life instead of just existing. Pam went above and beyond her line of work to make me feel  as if  I count. I can not praise these two enough for the hope they have given me as well as for being there for me and helping me through this difficult time in my life.  Pam and Lorie ... May you be BLESSED abundantly and may your lives always be filled with LOVE . I can now say I am HOPEFUL & MENDING thanks to the two of you. I would and will highly recommend either of you or both of you to anyone out there that needs an answer to a question they may have or just needs help to cope with life in general. You two are the GREATEST!     Debby Wilson